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Friday, February 13, 2004
Well I got far with that idea. I had three posts written down, but tonight I deleted them. Why? Because I decided that it is just not worth revisitting that pain. To hell with purging, I'd rather just move on. Besides, I am completely convinced that Dave is now the most perfect man on earth, and refuse to shatter my delusions. So there.

Right now, the most perfect man in my world is driving home from Ottawa. He went to pick up (buy) his late uncle's woodworking tools. He also bought his uncle's Jeep, but I won't get my hands on that until spring. Pity that. I've always been a Jeep nut. I always will be. I'm having near-sexual fantasies about outfitting that sucker with a lift kit, big-ass tires, rally lights ... I could go on ... no I couldn't, I need to do more research so I know what I'm talking about first.

I feel like such a dumbass. This whole past week, I swear I lost my brain, or maybe Dave took it with him to Ottawa. It started on Saturday though, so there goes my excuse that Dave took it with him.

Saturday - Mother and I left to go clothes shopping for the kids in Thunder Bay. They've been growing too much and needed new school clothes. No problem, right? Well, we (me and the kids) went to head back to the car while Mother finished up in Sears. Now, Mother has a new car I'm not used to spotting, and we couldn't find it. So Jordy, Eric and I stood freezing in the parking lot, scanning the rows of cars, and finally I said "Okay, you watch, I'll find that car. I'll start it, and we'll see it right away". And then I pressed the red button on the remote.

Do you know what the red button is? It's the panic button. The horn started honking, the lights started flashing and we were ... oh, maybe ten feet from it. And I couldn't shut the blasted thing off! I pressed every damn button on that remote for 10 minutes, even unlocked the doors and started the ignition, but it wouldn't turn off. Finally I hit the red button again. Blessed silence. Well, silence, except for the snickers of all the people in the parking lot watching me.

Sunday - I successfully lost my mother in Thunder Bay. Not too smart, considering I was with her.

And another parking lot fiasco. It's painfully obvious that I live in a town where parking lots do not exist, period. There's maybe a dozen stores in my town, and you park on the street, period. No parking lots to speak of, except for one restaurant and that lot fits a whole 25 cars total. This time I did NOT try to start the car, I found it myself. And struggled with the blasted keys, trying to unlock the door because the remote would not work (that should have been my first clue). Mother came and rescued me though, by leading me away from that car, over to her car, which wasn't even the same colour. I'm sure that would look good on my police record.

Monday - How could I forget that Dave was leaving?
I asked him nicely to wake me up before he left, which he did. And I bitched at him for waking me up. I'm so nice.

Tuesday - I barely remembered Valentine's Day was coming. At least in a small town like this, there is always something to be found. In other words .. the valentine's nobody else wanted. Okay.
Eric had a dentist appointment, and I'm sorry Little Bear. Mom gets queasy and ill at the dentist, but they took good care of you. I had to leave before the dentist took out the feezing needle. I waited in the lobby for him. Hmmph. Didn't bother him any. I came home to find three large dogs had somehow locked themselves in the bathroom.

Wednesday - Eric's speech therapy, and where did all the nice new clothes I bought Jordy disappear too? Crap. She had taken them to put away, but didn't quite make it, but Ozzy made them into a lovely dog bed. Into the wash they go. Ozzy-fur sticks like bloody glue.

Thursday - Write a note to Eric's teacher ... I'm sorry, I lost Eric's permission slip for tomorrow's bowling trip, will this do?: Yes, please take him or I'll never hear the end of it.
Drive the kids to school because we missed the bus.

Is it JUST me? Or would you think that the class Valentine party would be on Friday?
Oh no. It was Thursday, and I sent him to school with no valentine's. I am such an ass. I must have missed the memo when Eric was out with pneumonia the week before. Come to think of it, maybe that's what happened to the permission slip too.

Find out that Eric ate 13 of the valentines. I had a majour meltdown over this. I was 6 short. I sent him to bed after nearly yelling my head off that I was unbelievably disappointed that he would do that. I was crying. For an hour after I sent him to bed he was hollering down the stairs "I'm so SORRY!"
It was just the final straw. I was such a wreck that I couldn't think straight. Then Nancy, bless Nancy, tells me "print some out".
Hello ... light, I see light. I can't believe I didn't think of that. Talk about brain dead.

Jordy, bless her heart too, offered to take some of her money and buy some on the way to school in the morning. She is my perfect child. I'm sure that won't last much longer though. She's too good for me.

Eric, of course, is just what I deserve. A kid who makes me laugh, cry and pull my hair out, just like I did to my mother.

Friday - Today. Hmmm... Thankfully, today has been quiet. And it's almost over. This is my brain ... this is my brain without Dave. He's on his way home now, he left Ottawa this morning. That MUST be why I can suddenly pretend I'm smart again.

Kris - 10:58 p.m.

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